The next day…

Faint sunlight filtering through the curtains woke up Olivia. She could hear Sam’s voice and thus decided to check out.

She opened the door and went out looking for Sam.

Olivia: Dad, what are you doing here?

Sam: Nothing much dear. Just stretching a little.

Sam: Come, join me.

Olivia: But… dad I have not yet brushed my teeth.

Sam: What are you waiting for then?

Sam: Run for it before your mom finds out.

Olivia: On it general!!

Olivia returned soon. She definitely did not want to get scolded by Ivory.

She joined Sam.

After some time when the temperature outside was slowly growing to become quite intolerable, they went inside.

Sam: Dear, now you should take a bath. After that, we will go outside and do some sightseeing.

Ivory: Did you book a car?

Sam: Um…A.

Just when Sam was about to answer, Ivory fired another question at him.

Ivory: Which one did you book?

Sam: It is waiting for us outside.

Ivory: Come on hurry up!

While the girls changed clothes, Sam went outside to wait for them near the vehicle.

When Ivory and Olivia arrived…

A rickshaw was waiting in front …

Ivory: Where is the car?

Sam: Here.

Ivory: Where?

Sam: The rickshaw, can’t you see?

Ivory: What?

Sam: It is the peak of summer. Don’t take so much time. Hop in.

Ivory: I am not sitting on a rickshaw.

Sam: Why?

Ivory: You have to book a saloon.

Sam: Then you don’t have to come.

Sam: Olivia, get in dear.

Ivory: Ok, Ok. I will be alright with a rickshaw.

Ivory unwillingly got on to the rickshaw. While they were moving, Ivory kept complaining. Sometimes about the intense heat, how much she was getting tanned and many more. Although they somehow survived the journey and returned to the hotel.



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