In the train…

Olivia: Dad, I am feeling hungry.

Ivory: You cannot eat now, we have just started off.

Sam: She was asking me, so I will decide what to do. Right?

Ivory: Whatever you wish.

Sam: come on dear, let’s get you some food.

Olivia: Yey!!

Rest of the journey was quite boring; Olivia’s parents fell asleep and poor she was awake all by herself. Just then she saw something move under the carpet. She couldn’t control herself and thought of following it.

Olivia: I hope mom and dad are fast asleep.

She had a look at the two who seemed fast asleep, and slowly sneaked out of her seat  .

Olivia”I think I saw that thing going to that room in front. Should I check it out…….? There is no harm in stretching my legs a bit. Oh, I cant help it anymore. I am going in.

Olivia followed it to the medicine room. While searching for it, suddenly she heard footsteps. They sounded quite loud. But, as she waited they kept growing louder and louder just when the door started opening, she went under the bed lying close to the door. Just when she bent down to hide herself, she knocked her head somewhere….

A voice cried out in pain,

Stranger: Ow!!!

Olivia: Who is there?

Stranger: I should be asking you the same. Come out in the light.

Olivia: Ok.

Olivia came out of her hide out.

the stranger no longer spoke. It was as if he was not there at all.

Olivia: Hello? You are scaring me. Please speak.

The stranger came out in the light.

None of them spoke.

The stranger started blushing, Olivia couldn’t keep her eyes off him. Although she was just eight years old, she kind of liked him. They didn’t speak.

All of a sudden, she heard Ivory calling her name.

Ivory: Olivia! Olivia!!

Olivia opened her eyes and found herself sitting on her seat. She had fallen asleep. How she wished her dream to come true.

Ivory: We have reached dear! Aren’t you excited?

With a heavy heart, she kept a smile on her face and nodded her head.

She was sad that her dream broke before knowing what happened after that meeting.

She couldn’t forget his face. She didn’t know what had happened to her. but she knew one thing that she was very happy, and the feeling was new to her. She had never felt like that before.

She knew that although her dream was unforgettable, but life goes on so she should flow with it too.

She helped her parents carry the luggage out of the train.

Sam: You two wait here, I am going to look for a taxi.

While Sam was gone,

Ivory: Olivia, did you like travelling in a train?

Olivia: Sure did.

Olivia “More than anyone else…

Sam: The taxi is here.

As they moved out of the station, Sam showed Olivia how to draw boats.

He had brought a skipping rope, a ball and a frisbee along with him. Just for Olivia.

It was quite a long journey. Olivia had fallen asleep for quite some time. She woke up due to the bumpy road they were travelling on. She was also very hungry.

Sam understood what was the matter.

In order to distract Olivia, he started telling her stories.

Although he managed to distract Olivia quite a lot, he couldn’t stop her hunger.

But they surely were lucky , as the hotel was just around the corner.

Sam : Olivia, we have arrived!

Olivia: Thank god, I am feeling super hungry…

Sam smiled as he saw the little girl crawling up to him and placing her small head on his lap .

He missed so many of these memories while they weren’t together.

He wouldn’t miss any more of them.

When they arrived at the hotel,

Sam: Like it Oli?

Olivia: Dad, the hotel is super good. But the main problem is,

Sam: What?

Olivia: You forgot to feed the mice in my stomach.

Sam gave a small smile and took Olivia to the restaurant which was just under the hotel.

They bought six chicken sandwiches and three energy drinks.

Sam had booked a cottage to live in. Most importantly, Olivia seemed to love it.

She had always wanted to live in a cottage and that too with her parents ….was totally out of her imagination.

She had never expected to meet Sam even.

And, there he was standing in front of her.

As they were too tired to go out that day itself, they decided to stay indoors for the rest of the evening.















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