Month: June 2017

Thunder’s Gift

It was just another day at school. We had to submit our geography project that day. We got the last two periods to do our project. It was a huge project and the best part was that it didn’t seem like it at all. It felt more like a happy song, each of us a note and God our singer. I never felt happier. It was as if time had stopped for a while. As if God wanted us to enjoy those moments and most importantly, remember them. I don’t know about the others, but I do know one thing, I’ll never forget this day, ever.

We were allotted the last two periods for our assignment. Just before starting thunder showed his face telling us that his children, rain is coming. First of all, the various facial expressions my classmates showed on seeing his terrifying face was just amazing! Some were frightened with a hint of smile at the edges…. Some were shouting out of joy…Some even started laughing! The rest, which includes me, made a sweet memory out of it and locked it in our heart. After some time, thunder`s children showed up. They sky got covered with dark clouds, the trees seemed to dance with each drop of rain and the whole sight was so mesmerizing that it could easily melt a hard core to tears. The cool breeze came in through our classroom windows and tried to drive our attention away from the project.

With the great outside view and the sweet smiles of my classmates I wanted to run and shout and tell everyone how happy I was feeling! I felt like I was in heaven taking a walk with God. Earlier that very day I was asking my friends about what I should write in acknowledgement. Then one friend narrated her one in front of me. There she had mentioned her friends also. I asked her the in which way her friends helped her. She did not reply. I did not understand then, later I did.

The second last period finished like the wind. We never knew when it started and when it ended. When the last period started, ma’am came in and said that we would be allowed to get only half the period for our project. It did not scare me at first, but when the clock struck 14:00 I got scared.

The period was about to end in 15 minutes and my time was almost up.

Just then ma’am came in and asked us whether we had finished our projects or not. When we told her that most of us would not be able to complete it in the stipulated time, she said that we were welcome to submit it the next class. I was in a fix. Whiter to submit or not? Then I remembered an incident when she gave marks by comparing the dates of submission. Thus, I did not want to take a chance and pushed myself to be able to submit it in time.

It was 14: 10, our school bell was heard marking the end of school for that day. Two of my close friends saw me trying hard and decided to help me out. One was helping me draw the margins and the other was writing the page numbers. The ones that I had expected would help me turned their back on me and went away.

Ultimately, I was able to finish my project. I owe the two of my friends who helped me, a big thanks. The one who helped me with the margins came with me to submit my project. Just after submitting my project, I totally lost control of myself. I was never that happy in my life before. In all my fifteen years, no one had been so good to me. Then I understood the meaning of having friends, how it feels to be nearby close and dear ones. The rain outside and the happiness inside of me had somehow coincided with each other. I wanted to cry out of joy, but I did not want to overreact. Unable to control myself, I wrapped my arms around my friend.

I probably out did it but, I had never been happier! On stepping outside school premises, I felt each drop of rain and each curve of my smile coincide. It was totally magical. Everyone was smiling. The best part was, I finally found my best friend. That friend, who would be beside me no matter what. I was able to walk with my head held high and spirit full of pride. Even the world, the rain , the sky and God seemed to be smiling at me. I learnt that everyone gets a chance to find best friends or close friends . The only thing is that , some find them when they are old, some when they are children and some at work. We just need to know one thing , when the right time comes , God and nature will do everything to help you find that person. When you find that person , remember to capture the incident and lock it away in your heart. Finally , I found my true friends. I am grateful to God that he sent his best , rain, to help me.