During the long period of six months, each day of Olivia’s life was like a disaster. Mornings for Olivia started with nothing less than a beating. Not a day passed by when she was not crying on her way to school. After returning from office the first thing that Ivory would do is to take out all her anger on poor little Olivia. Things continued the same way until, Olivia could take it no more. She called up Sam when no one was looking….

Sam’s phone started ringing…

Sam picked up the phone.

Sam: Hello, this is Sam speaking.

Olivia: Hi dad!

Sam: Hi dear, how are you?

Olivia: Not really good dad.

Sam: Why ? What happened? Did mom tell you anything?

Olivia: Kind of…

Sam: What do you mean by that ?

Olivia: Ok. Yes . She has been very bad these days.

Sam: Please tell me the whole thing sweety.

Olivia narrated to Sam how Ivory used thrash her almost every other day, scold her and how it was affecting her studies. She told him that she couldn’t take that mental torture anymore. Thus, she brought up the courage to defy her and call Sam.

Sam : I am telling you once again dear, if you want to come stay with dad don’t even think for a second. Daddy is always waiting for you with open arms.

Olivia: I know dad, and thank you for caring for me so much.

Sam: Why are you thanking me dear? This is what dads do!

Sam: Now, can you ask your mother to talk to me on the phone?

Olivia: Now?

Sam: Yes dear.

Olivia: Wait  a minute dad.

Olivia went to Ivory and told her that Sam was waiting for her on the line. She knew at once that Olivia must have called Sam even after she asked her not to.

Ivory: Hello?

Sam: I have heard that you have been torturing my daughter the past few months.

Ivory: That is none of your business.

Sam: How dare you say that to me?

Ivory: Don’t waste my time. Say what you must or leave. You have five minutes.

Ivory shut all doors and windows to make sure that the conversation remains a secret. Time passed and the five minutes turned to nearly two hours. Even though the doors and windows were shut, due to Ivory’s loud voice, everything could be heard from outside. Rather, almost everything. Sometime later the door opened and Ivory called Olivia……

Olivia: Yes mom.

Ivory: Start packing your bags.

Olivia: Why mom?

Ivory : I have a small surprise for you.

OIlvia: Please tell me . What is it?

Ivory : OK.OK. Don’t eat up my head now.

Olivia: Sorry mom.

Ivory: Your dad, you and I are going for a vacation .

Olivia: Yey!!! My first family vacation!

Olivia was very happy . This was the first time she was going to stay with both her parents, play with both of them . laugh, cry , sing, talk, eat , do everything together. But will it be the kind of vacation that Olivia was expecting? The day finally arrived….

Ivory : Are you ready Oli?

Olivia: yes mom!!!

Sam rings the doorbell.

Ivory : I think your dad has arrived.

Olivia: I am going downstairs to dad.

Olivia went downstairs to look for Sam.although Sam seemed happy , Olivia could feel a tinge a fear in him. Kids really are the best judges. Indeed , Sam a bit afraid. He knew what he was dealing with but wasn’t sure whther he could handle it or not. Stll, he tried his best to hide his emotions and hugged Olivia when he saw her.

Olivia: Dad, I still can’t believe!

Sam: neither can I dear..

Olivia: is everything alright dad?

Olivia: you dont seem good.

Sam: ok. You caught me.

Sam: I have been a bit sick the last few days.

Olivia: then you shouldn’t have agreed to this trip.

Olivia: we would have gone some other time.

Sam: Its ok dear, I have taken a few medicines and I will be fine.

Olivia: ok . if you say so.

Ivory: Hey what are you both chatting about?

Sam : Nothing very important to you.

Sam: Olivia, you will sit on the front seat and Ivory, I expect you to not not make a fuss throughout the journey.

Ivory : Ok.


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