After not being able to Olivia for the outing, he was definitely sad, but it did not stop him from asking her out the next day.

Olivia’s phone started ringing……

Olivia picked up the phone.

Olivia: hi dad!

Sam: hi dear! So, what is my sweetie up to?

Olivia: nothing much dad, just watching cartoons!

Olivia: what are you doing?

Sam: was planning things.

Olivia: like?

Sam: outings with you……

Olivia: you were really excited about yesterday, weren’t you?

Sam: hmmm……

Olivia: what?

Sam: ok…I admit it……I kind of was.

Olivia: would you like to go tomorrow?

Sam: yes!! Let me know the details when you are free.

Olivia sent him a text letting him know the details of their outing. But…. this time the text had bad news for him as well as good news. The good news was that he was about to meet his daughter and he could barely wait for the moment to come. Along with it…. the bad news was that this time Ivory was coming along too.

As we got to know earlier, this time Ivory was accompanying them …This is more like a challenge for Sam. Will he be able to make it to the end, or will he lose control of himself?

Sam arrived downstairs and rang the bell.

Out came Olivia and then, Ivory.

Ivory was about to sit on the front seat, when Sam asked Olivia to come up front.

This created a spark of anger within Ivory which was waiting to turn into a bomb. She controlled herself, as she wanted to trick Sam into believing that she had changed and that they could start their lives once again.

Later in the car…

Sam: Dear, where do you want to go?

Ivory: Wherever you want.

Sam: I was asking Olivia, not you.

Ivory: Why were you asking her? Is she a grown up? I am your wife, you should be asking me, not her.

Sam: I think you are forgetting that you have lost your right to call yourself my wife, and that Olivia is my daughter.

Ivory: So, what? I have raised her all these years.

Sam: so?

Ivory had nothing to say. She was speechless. Meanwhile Sam and Olivia kept chatting while Ivory remained silent. Finally, they reached Axis mall. Sam dropped Ivory and Olivia at the gate and went away to park the car. Meanwhile Ivory started scolding Olivia.

Olivia: why were dad and you quarrelling in the car?

Ivory: That is not your business.

Ivory: Now, when you dad returns, tell him that mom is crying please go and console her. I will be at the back gate in front of the flower bouquets.

Olivia: Why would I do that?

Ivory: Seems like you have learnt to argue with your own mother. Why only me, you should not argue with anyone. On top of that, the main reason or you to do this is that I am your mother. Now, off you go. Donor mess it up.

While Ivory went to take her position, Sam returned and the angry Olivia told him everything about the plan as well as the conversation.

Sam: Don’t worry Olivia, I won’t tell your mother about anything. Now, since she has made our work easier by leaving by herself, we should take full advantage of this situation. So, what are we waiting for? Are you interested in watching a movie first?

Olivia: Yes dad!!

They went to the 05th floor and booked two tickets from Cinemax for the movie, ‘Avatar’. It was about two hours long. At the exit of Cinemax, there stood an angry figure. Both Olivia and Sam new who it was, and that they were in serious trouble. They tried to hide and get away from there. But, Ivory was keeping a watch like an eagle hunts for its prey. They couldn’t hide.

Ivory: Sam!!!

Ivory: Olivia!!!

Ivory: I can see you both. Don’t try hiding from me. Or you will be in serious trouble.

Olivia and Sam stopped. Were they going to face humiliation, were they going to part ways once again? Would Olivia lose her father once again?

Both Olivia and Sam heard Ivory. They decided to play along as long as possible. Thus, they did not pay heed to what Ivory was saying and pretended to be different people for some time. Until Ivory came up to them …

Ivory: What are you both doing here?

Sam: Olivia and I watched Avatar. Did you watch it before us?

Ivory: I know that you are smart Sam and you know very well what I am hinting at. How dare you both leave me there alone?

Sam: I thought that you must have watched it before us that is the reason we thought of watching it separately.

Ivory: This is probably the lamest excuse in the book.

Sam: I didn’t know that there was a book for excuses. But be rest assured I haven’t taken any ideas from there and on top of that I am not giving you any excuses. I am just telling you the truth.

Ivory: That I shall find out in time. Wait for me. I am going to the lady’s restroom. Don’t run away this time. Or else Olivia, you will be staying with dad from now on.

Olivia: No mom!

Sam: Dear, it is not a very bad idea you know. I am ready to take you with me anytime you want.

Olivia: But dad I won’t be able to sleep without mom.

Sam: Ok. Whatever you wish princess. But always remember that you have a dad who is always there for you.

Olivia: I know dad!

Ivory returned from the ladies’ restroom.

Olivia: Mom, can we leave now? I am tired!

Ivory: You have already enjoyed yourselves. Now it’s my turn.

Olivia: Mom please

Ivory: Quiet! I want to hear nothing.

Sam: That’s it Ivory! I am dropping you home now. Stop fighting like kids, will you?

Ivory: I am sorry honey!

Sam: You should have thought about the consequences earlier.

While Sam was driving, Ivory kept screaming, she used bad language against Sam. After Ivory reached home, she called up Sam and they had a big fight. After that they didn’t talk for half a year, nor was Olivia allowed to talk to Sam in that period of time.


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